Player Gear

Hello players! Each year we put together an order for Fog Rugby gear just for our players. You are welcome, at any time, to buy Fog Rugby merchandise from our online store at World Rugby Shop, but these player-exclusive items are specially priced and customizable. 

You do not need to order any player gear to play for the Fog. Learn more about our required gear/team uniform here. 

Orders for the 2018 season must be submitted and paid for by December 15th, 2017.



Kit Bag · $60

Carry your gear to practices and matches. Name or Nickname included in price.


Striped Polo · $45

Wear these to Fog socials and other events. Name or Nickname included in price.


Shorts · $40

Official Canterbury Advantage rugby shorts, embroidered with the Fog Rugby crest.


Hoodie · $25

It's a hoodie, and it's blue.
It will keep you warm and make you look nice.


Player Gear Order Form

Please fill out the form to submit your order; after submitting, you can pay for your order by PayPal, or in cash directly to our Treasurer.

Orders for the 2018 season must be submitted and paid by December 15th, 2017. If you would like more time to pay, please submit your order and then contact our VP of Marketing.

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If you're ordering a striped polo, please select your size.
If you're ordering shorts, select your size. Order your normal size for a close athletic fit, size up if you need more room for your assets.
If you're ordering a hoodie, please select your size.
If ordering a Kit Bag or Striped Polo, enter your Last Name or Nickname here and it will added to the item. Leave blank if you don't want your name added.